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Þórður Matthíasson

Hér Eru Töflur!

2023-10-21 16:35
Hér Eru Töflur!

Schrödinger's Joke in Heading 1

So, Schrödinger walks into a bar. Or does he? That's a quantum joke for you. If you didn't laugh, you probably observed it wrong.

Schrodinger's Nerdy Cat

But wait, there's more to life than quantum mechanics; there are also cats in boxes, which could be either dead or alive. Or both. Much like your love life on a night, am I right?

Programmer Humor in Heading 2

Did you hear about the software engineer who lost his job because he couldn't get arrays right? He kept going out of bounds!

  • Some say he never found his true calling; others say he's still stuck in an infinite loop, searching for his 'index'.

  • In the programming world, there's always that one guy who's an exception, never caught by anyone.

Scarecrow in Heading 3

Why did the scarecrow become a brilliant neuroscientist? Because he was always outstanding in his field, and he wanted to explore the neuronal pathways that make crows terrified of inanimate objects.

But let's be honest, he probably just wanted a brain to begin with. And you know what they say about brains:

They're like software updates. We all have them, but not everyone installs them right away.

That was a quote!

Table in Heading 4





In Hell

...as far as we know!


Training an Army

Then things got complicated!



With Vampire Jesus

This is just Heading 5

And let's count now...

  1. One

  2. Two

    1. Two and a half

  3. Three

Heading 6
  • Nested

    • Lists

      • are

        • Fun!